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We offer our own Gluten-Free* Bread on most of our sandwiches



Our Bread is handmade by our bakers

Deluxe Grilled Cheese*

 your choice of white cheddar or swiss, grilled with tomato and red onion on your choice wheat or sourdough bread


Apple Bacon and Brie*

 flavorful hickory smoked bacon is layered with green apple, fresh spinach (a splash of red wine vinegar) then topped with melted brie sliced red onion and a touch of honey.  Served open faced on our grilled sourdough bread


Grilled Mushroom and Swiss*

 sauté mushrooms & onions, with fresh tomato & swiss cheese grilled on your choice wheat or sourdough bread


Deluxe Avocado*

 avocado, swiss cheese, tomato,  toasted sunnies, red onion, leaf lettuce & dijonaise on our whole wheat bread


Grilled Turkey  Pesto*

 sliced turkey breast, pesto cream cheese, tomato & red onion are grilled on on your choice wheat or sourdough bread


Breast of Turkey*

 sliced turkey breast, cream cheese, tomato, cucumber, black olives, lettuce & dijonaise on our onion dill focaccia


 Mike's Amazing BLT*
In this variation on an old favorite we offer bacon, lettuce and tomato served on our own jalapeno cheddar roll with basil mayonnaise.

Oaxacan BBQ Chicken*

 sautéed chicken, bacon, white cheddar & spicy Chipotle BBQ sauce, w/red onion, lettuce & tomato on a grilled  jalapeno cheddar roll


 Oaxacan BBQ Tempeh**

 an open-faced sandwich with marinated tempeh, spicy Chipotle BBQ sauce, red pepper, onion, lettuce  & tomato served open-faced on our lightly toasted sourdough bread


Kim’s Portabello Philly Cheese

 parmesan crusted portabello slices layered with cheddar cheese on a toasted jalapeno roll, with sautéed mushrooms, onions,  and peppers (green and red) served with an au jus dipping sauce (burgundy, soy sauce, garlic and vegetarian chicken stock)


Crispy Black Bean Cheddar Burger*

our own corn crusted black bean burger is topped with cheddar cheese and served on a jalapeno cheddar roll with Chipotle mayonnaise, tomato, avocado, lettuce & toasted pumpkin seeds 


 ~Corn Crusted Fish

a crispy corn crusted Tilapia Filet (a mild sweet-flavored firm white fish) is substituted for the cheddar topped Black Bean Burger


Grilled Chicken Breast with Fresh Cilantro*

 tender chicken breast brushed with cilantro garlic sauce & grilled-served on jalapeno cheddar w/tomato and lettuce


Cherry Chicken Salad*

 shredded chicken, dried dark sweet cherries, mayonnaise, sour cream & tarragon grilled on your choice WW or Sourdough bread


Grilled Portabello with Pesto and Brie*

 a sliced portabello cap is lightly sautéed in sherry & garlic butter, topped with melted brie & almond basil pesto and served on our onion dill focaccia with lettuce and tomatoes.