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Vegetable Chili

This hearty soup combines pinto beans, tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers, green chilies, and onion with garlic, bay, cumin, dill, coriander and a touch of cayenne.

This Week's Specials

Curried Butternut Apple Bisque

This autumn soup is made with butternut squash, green apple, onion, fresh ginger, madras curry powder and cream.

Week of December 9th

*Gluten-free   *Vegan

Today's Soups

(add soup or salad for $2.95)
Monday and Tuesday
Pesto Mac & Cheese
Cavatappi Pasta with Monterey Jack, our Basil Almond Pesto, cream cheese, and béchamel, seasoned with salt and pepper.

Wednesday and Thursday
Jeffrey’s Grilled Brat
We grill a bratwurst and offer it on our jalapeno-cheddar bread with dijon mustard and our cosmic slaw (cabbage, carrot, cider vinegar, a touch of sugar and spiced with celery seed and mustard seed). Served with chips.

Friday and Saturday
Rick's Green Chili Chicken Soft Taco
We wrap shredded chicken, green chilies, and jack cheese in a whole wheat tortilla and smother it with our own green chili ~served with salsa & sour cream.

(Dinner specials come with choice of soup or dinner salad)

Shrimp Primavera
Tender shrimp and fettuccine sautéed with mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, parmano cheese, and fresh basil~served in a bowl with a fresh tomato garnish.

Tuesday and Wednesday
Guatemalan Chicken & Mushrooms in Tomatillo Sauce
In this Central American dish we sauté tender chicken with tomatillos, jalapenos, red pepper, mushrooms, bread, tortilla squares and lime juice, season with cilantro and cumin, and served with brown rice.

Thursday and Friday
Sesame Crusted
Wild Fresh Icelandic Cod
with Soy Ginger Butter Sauce

In this Asian inspired dish we sauté fresh wild Cod  (never been frozen, it makes a considerable difference in both taste and texture) crusted in sesame seeds, top it with a rich creamy Soy Ginger Butter Sauce (a reduction of fresh ginger, red onion, garlic, lemon, white wine and soy sauce, enriched with cream and smoothed with butter) and serve it with Broccoli & red pepper and brown rice.

(see chalkboard for today’s selection)